The Herb Collection

The Herb Collection consisted of various bath and body products with a romantic, Victorian herb garden inspired twist. This collection debuted in the 1990s.

Tranquil Breezes

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  1. I used Tranquil Breezes in the 1990's and when it was discontinued I switched to Pear Glace (which was very similar). I wore the fragrances for 20+ years. I received a compliment EVERY SINGLE DAY about how nice I smelled. Men, women, children of all ages asked me if it was my shampoo, that I smelled so fresh, etc. My children loved it so much that they sprayed it on their stuffed animals and blankets for when they went to sleep at night. I'm SO DISAPPOINTED that the fragrance is discontinued. I haven't found a new one I like yet ... would appreciate any suggestions that are similar to Pear or Tranquil Breezes.