A collection of seductive fragrances composed of aphrodisiacs from around the world. Designed to stimulate the senses and indulge every mood. 

The line was first released as home fragrances including: scented candles in various sizes and sachets. I have the Slow Melt candle, and it smells divine and has an incredible amount of scent throw which quickly fills the room.
  • Deluxe Filled Candle (65 oz, retailed for $225)
  • Large Filled Candle (10 oz, retailed for $28)
  • Votive Set (two 4 oz, retailed for $24)
  • Sachet Set (three 6 oz, retailed for $24) 

In 2007, the line was expanded to a body line: body wash, body lotion, massage oil,  and an eau de parfum spray. 

This line was launched in 2005 and was discontinued shortly after release and can be hard to find. 

Moods Line:
  • Ripe (Sweet Fig)      
  • Sweet Craving (Pink Sugar)
  • Succulent (Blackberry Spice) 
  • Yearn (Creamy Gardenia)
  • Deeper 'Hunger (Crisp Apple)
  • Hidden Fire (Enchanting Amber)
  • Slow Melt (Dark Chocolate)
  • Beguiling (Bright Freesia)    

MOOD - Ripe: notes of Fig, Orris, Caramel, Cashmere Woods
"Sweet and heady fig the evocative scent of lush abundance and bountiful sensuality. Fill a room with the sundrenched aroma of Mediterranean fruit and warm spicy notes and ignite the pleasures of the flesh."

MOOD - Deeper: notes of Rose, Champagne and Apple. 
"Love beyond passion. Cherish. Adore. Luscious, lovely rose with sweet, bubbling champagne. Celebrate the intoxicating scent of blissful devotion."

MOOD - Hunger: notes of Apple, Jasmine, Clove. 
"Crisp and tempting as a tangy red delicious apple the scent of freshness and pleasure. A juicy, luscious fragrance with all the feminine promise of Eve, and the mystical ability to entice. Just one bite..."

MOOD - Sweet Craving: notes of Sugar and Musk 
"It's like a piece of cake. Sexy vanilla, sparkling sugar candy. Lickable lollipop. Arousing as icing. Enticing as rich whipped cream. Set with the sweet smell of innocence and desire."

MOOD - Hidden Fire: notes of Amber, Orchid, Bergamot, Mandarin
"Intense, enchanting amber rich with sensuality and smoky with unbridled passion, the rare precious source for ancient Arabian perfumes. Release the uninhibited scent that snaked through the romance of Leila."

MOOD - Succulent: notes of Blackberry, Vanilla and Sandalwood. 
"This is a potent and provocative fragrance that is deliciously arousing with the spicy smell of warm blackberries and intense Madagascar vanilla."

MOOD - Yearn: notes of Tuberose and Gardenia. 
"Pristine, creamy gardenia masks a deep sensual fragrance.The concealed heat of desire's first flames use the lush scent of gardenia to reveal a secret fantasy. Love awakes."

MOOD - Slow Melt: notes of Chocolate, Cocoa, and Sandalwood
"Give into deep, addictive chocolate. A sinful irresistible fall into grace. The Aztec aphrodisiac, a gift from the Mayan gods and decadent European indulgence. Use this hypnotic blend of rich fragrances to melt defenses and around the senses."
MOOD - Beguiling: notes of Freesia.

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  1. Please bring back Mood Succulent by Victoria's Secret! Everyone I know loves it!